List of exhibitions:

1 "Moscow and Moscovites", September 2014, Moscow Union of Artists exhibition center

2 "Architectonics", August 2014, Schusev Museum of Architecture

3 "youth exhibition", May 2015, Moscow House of Artists

4 "CIty day", September 2015, gallery of pictorial art, Partnership of Painters of the Moscow Union of Artists

5 "Idleness", September 2015, auction exhibition, (exhibitors: N.Nesterova, T.Nazarenko, L.Naumova, D.Potapov)

6 "The Face of the era"", December 2015, auction exhibition

7 "Heaven can wait", May 2016, auction exhibition

Creative work of Ekaterina Preys is a successful bid to combine Western Education with traditions of Russian art.

It is full of expression. With the inherent emotionality of Frida Kahlo she skillfully balances form and content."

Kristina Krasnyanskaya, art acritic, art director.

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